Consultation, concept, completion

Whether you're looking to inject a little bit of colour into your space or whether you're renovating an entire period property, I've got you covered. With services ranging from virtual consultancy all the way to project management, I am able to help every step of the way.

I understand that sometimes you already know what you love but just need a nudge to push you in the right direction, that's why I will work with you to create schemes that you'll love. I produce high quality rendered 3D visualisations, floor plans, mood boards and full specification packs for your reference.

I specialise in space planning, colour, and biophilic design and work on residential, retail, and hospitality projects.



I am passionate about protecting the environment and this is reflected in my design style. Like many industries, trends are constantly changing which means it is so important to source sustainably. I like to upcycle or use vintage furniture and accessories, support local business, and use environmentally-friendly and non-toxic materials.

As we are spending more time indoors and working from home, it has never been so important to make our spaces comfortable. Having trained in biophilic design specifically, I can incorporate the main elements into my designs, ensuring that they're healthy spaces which will increase your work productivity, creativity, and your mental wellbeing.



I am Molly Windels-Lyte, the the face behind De Lyte. I work from my solar-powered, semi-rural, tiny wooden home studio in West Sussex, not far from Brighton but can cover most areas in the South East. As a fully qualified interior designer, I have experience working on a number of projects ranging from small residential designs to much larger commercial projects.

I would describe my style to be a real blend of; rustic, natural, earthy, minimalism, vintage, and modern but can totally adapt to suit you. In my BA (hons) degree, I studied the history of interior design and architecture and have great knowledge of various styles and eras.

Protecting the environment is something I feel strongly about so I do try to source sustainably wherever I can whilst always staying within budget. I'm passionate about transforming spaces and hope that we can work together.